Our History

Excellent Adventures Comics opened for business in the spring of 1986. Our original location was in my home to town of Pemberton, NJ. We did business in NJ until 1999, and opened our second store in Ballston Spa, NY in 1997. We closed the Pemberton location after my father passed away, and I was forced to relocate my mother to upstate NY. I had both stores running full time for about two years at that point, and relocated everything to Ballston Spa in 1999. We have been doing business here in NY, ever since.

I began doing conventions in 1984. I travelled up and down the east coast doing shows, even after we opened our first store in 1986. I was a regular at the Great Eastern Conventions, Creation Conventions and most of the shows in and around Philadelphia, Northern NJ, and NYC. I began running my first convention, the Mid Jersey Con, in Bordentown, NJ in 1995. That show was basically inherited from another promoter. We worked hard to make that show a success, and it was. I ran that show until 1999, and then started the Albany Comic Con in 2006.

I have also always done business through the mail. We started our mail order business through Comic Buyer’s Guide, and Toy Shop magazine, in the mid eighties. We now do most of our mail order business through direct mailings, and on EBay. Our EBay user name is: Bebis37. If you would like to get on our direct mailing list for comic books for sale, just send us your mailing address, or e-mail name. This will also put you on the list for future show dates, and sales in the store, as well.

We hope to continue to service our customers for many more years to come. The comic book business has changed a lot in the 26 years that we have been selling as a full time storefront. With more changes on the horizon, one thing that buyers, and sellers of vintage comics will be able to rely on is: Excellent Adventures Comics will be here, and we will always treat you, the way we would expect to be treated, with respect. Thanks for a wonderful 26 years, and hope to see or talk to you soon.